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Our Farm

Est. 1985

About the Sheep

We have been raising sheep since 2011, staring with 60 Rideau Arcott and Dorset ewes.

After trying various terminal sire breeds, we purchased our first Texel ram from Paul Cardyn of Coaticook, Quebec in 2013. 

The results were what we were looking for.

Carcass weights and quality were exceptional. 

We have since grown to 150 Rideau Arcott ewes, and 100 F1 Texel Rideaus, and 20 pure-bred Texel ewes. 

At Christmas 2018 we were able to purchase a Texel foundation flock, that originated from Paul Cardyn; 20 pure-bred Texel ewes and 2 rams.

In addition to sheep, we grow certified organic: hay, corn, soybeans and sweet corn and run about 50 acres of pasture.

About the People

Our multigenerational family enjoys working together, innovating, meeting new folks, and eating lamb on the BBQ. 

While Shawn was not born on a farm, he has proven to be a decent farm machine operator, talented sheep mid-wife and in-demand bagpipe player in our local communities.

Jackie was born into farming and has lived on the Connaught Road for 85% of her life. It is a good place to be. Now that the kids are a bit bigger, she has taken on more field work, and hands on tasks in the barn, all the while trying to manage family-time and lambing groups.

Click on our Instagram page to see weekly updates, and pictures of our farm.

The farm has been in the family for 3 generations and we are continuously supported by the first and second generation in a multitude of ways. 

About Us: Our Farm
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