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Why Texel?

Texels are proven terminal sires.

Why Texel?: FAQ

Dressing Out

Texel sired lambs have an excellent dressing out percentage. On our farm heavy lambs consistently dress out over 50%, and can go to 58%.  
Texel lambs can be finished at 80-120 lbs live, while remaining lean.

Feed Efficiency

Texels grow well on many different types of farms. From pasture based to a feedlot style. Texels truly shine on a low grain diet.

Genovis Evaluations

We started with quality to sell quality.  Genovis helps us do that. Using their data and technology, we can compare our breeding stock to others, and only sell the best. This not only helps improve the breed in a sound and open manner, but helps the buyer choose the best animals for their farm.

                           Texels are now the number one terminal sire in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Why Texel?: Quote

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Why Texel?: Welcome
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